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Diligence is the key to success. We are committed to creating more value for employees, customers, shareholders and the society. Based on lofty ideals, Puhui group will take harmony as its own responsibility, It pursues the co prosperity and coexistence of people, city, architecture and nature. Our sincere and faithful service has won the trust of customers and government support for Puhui group, and has been recognized and respected by our partners and all walks of life. All inclusive people understand that only by down-to-earth work and intensive cultivation can the foundation be evergreen.



The group adheres to the principle of "developing the industry with science and technology, building excellent projects, pioneering and enterprising, and creating first-class services", takes the market as the guidance, strengthens the internal management, and devotes one excellent project to the real estate market.

三十年建筑 / 混凝土与生命的交响曲


Architecture is a mirror of the times. It casts and reflects the aesthetic pursuit of an era and a nation with its unique artistic language. World famous architect Bei Luming said: architecture has life. Although it is solidified, it contains humanistic thoughts. The great poet Goethe once said that architecture is a solidified poem and a three-dimensional painting.——Puhui group, city operator

十余年开发 / 人文关怀的居住答案


Real estate development is not only to build houses, but also to create a way of life, improve the quality of living, reflect the progress of human culture and ideological needs, and dissolve the essence of human culture in real estate development, which will create life for buildings!